Language Camp

On-the-Land Learning

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?

Indigeneity has often been a question of walking in a duality of worldviews, having the ability to practice two-eyed seeing and really find our place in the world, and the natural world is integral to our well being as people. All human beings or all cultures are inherently connected to the earth, the land on which we occupy. Creating the opportunity to connect and learn from the land is integral to healthy families, and is practiced from our daycare to our Wisdom Keepers.

Language Camp

We offer medicine walks and traditional plant gathering guided by the Elders on our Wisdom Keepers Council. Our centre has seasonally influenced activities and events such as snowshoeing, tobogganing, survival skills, canoeing, fishing on ice or open water, small game hunts, gardening, open fire cooking, water ceremonies or outdoor ceremonies, pow-wows and more.

Last summer our centre hosted summer language camps that brought together families for intergenerational learning of Nishinaabemowin language. We also host an annual traditional moose hunt camp which teaches hunting techniques, cleaning moose meat and how to build a camp. The knowledge holders must have a space and place to pass on what they know to our youth and carry on traditions.

For more information or have feedback/ideas please contact:

Shyanne Polson
On the land Coordinator

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Nookamis Wisdom Keepers

Cultural Artistry and Expression

That intelligence is our legacy—and our right
That imagination is our right—and our legacy
There is a discipline and talent to our image making—even if we all want to tell stories.
We can all tell stories—even if we don’t all have the talent or the discipline to create art.
– Loretta Todd

Art is an expression of culture and reclamation of our artistic expression is valued and upheld. Our centre offers culturally based activities and events that give a platform for artistic expression and opportunities for learning and sharing.

Our programming includes, crafting (sewing, beading, weaving, needlework, painting), cooking classes, ceremony, storytelling, seasonal events, family food night, media sharing and more.

If you would like more information or have feedback/ideas please contact us:

Kirkland Lake
Brianna Julien
Cultural Family Support Worker

Chelsea Daley Cultural Family Support Worker

New Liskeard
Darlene Skani
Cultural Family Support Worker

Florence Batisse Cultural Family Support Worker

Mitten Making Workshop

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