The Mino M’shki-ki Indigenous healthcare team is excited to announce the debut of the Men’s Fire Talk, which is held weekly on Thursdays in New Liskeard.

The collection of men congregating weekly in a designated setting permits thoughtful dialogue about what being a man should be, and promoting positive masculinity and full emotional awareness.

The focus of positive masculinity is to help reverse and re-examine intergenerational traumas within the Indigenous community, and their specific life experiences based on navigating their genders, healthy behaviours, role models, and championing emotional and physical strength to build healthier communities. The goals of the Men’s Fire Talk are to encourage participants to display and empathize with vulnerability, emotional intelligence, and moral courage.

To learn more about the event, please contact Nathan McMartin, Cultural Health & Wellness Coordinator, at 705-647-7855 ext. 3000. Learn more about Mino M’shkiki health team here.