Culture, Confidence and Competence

The Culture, Confidence and Competence essential skills pre-employment training curriculum is designed to support Indigenous women's economic security and career advancement across industries and in corporate sectors.

The program was previously called Aboriginal Women in Mining. To learn about the history of the program, click here.


About the Program

The Culture, Confidence, and Competence program a 7-10 week, culturally based essential skills and pre-employment training program guided by two experienced Facilitators and at least one Elder.  It was created by and for Indigenous women to increase our access to meaningful employment and sustainable economic opportunities.  Members may receive support outside of the group time including training, planning, job coaching, employment support, and cultural support well into their first job.  The program is offered primarily to Indigenous women and gender-diverse people, however co-ed programs have been offered at the request of communities.  It is offered both in an online and in-person format to support different learning needs and preferences, depending on funding and availability. 

The CCC is designed to build confidence in members, so they are better prepared to follow a career path and to determine their own future.  The program offers members opportunities to learn more about themselves and the skills they need to live a good life. As such, it requires that members actively participate in group, reflect on their life experiences, and share information they are comfortable sharing with the group daily.

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If your organization or business is interested in partnering with us in delivering effective employment training to Indigenous groups, please contact us:

Kathy Lajeunesse 
Partnership Liaison

Members will gain expertise in communication, problem solving, decision-making, resume and portfolio building, and job readiness.


It’s divided into five units:

  • 1) Personal Development

  • 2) Health and Wellness

  • 3) Career Exploration

  • 4) Professional Development

  • 5) Sector-specific technical training
    (including mining, trades, agriculture, green jobs, carpentry) when possible and practical, depending on the group, funding, and timing.

At the end of the program, each member will have a training plan that identifies the three main goals they have for their professional and personal development, with a detailed plan about how to achieve those goals.

Members will engage in a self-assessment process and exit interview to identify supports and resources they need to move forward.  Keepers of the Circle Facilitators will provide members with a letter of reference or a letter of referral.

If this is something that you think you would be interested in, please click on the link below to apply.  Once you apply, we will contact you to do an initial interview to ask a few more questions.

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