Family Support

Our Family Support program offers advocacy support, early intervention initiatives and trauma-informed resources that support Indigenous families and actively works to break cycles of trauma through decolonization and cultural restoration processes.


About the Program

Our Family Support program takes a holistic approach and operates from a strengths-based, family-focused, and community-oriented perspective along a continuum of care across the lifecycle. We offer targeted programming that provides safe space, information sharing, workshops and events that give families the tools and support to provide for their families.

Joint and separate services are offered to children and parents, with increased services for families involved with child welfare authorities.

Our Family Support program employs Support Workers as liaisons to the community and families and connects Indigenous families to trained medical professionals at the Mino Msh’ki-ki Indigenous Health Team who can offer medical advice/services and referrals.

Keepers of the Circle understands the well-being of families is rooted in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Our Family Support program offers Nurturing the Seed, a Developmental Support Planning Model for working with Indigenous infants, children and families to create a platform for recognizing these differing worldviews and to share valuable cultural knowledge as it relates to mental health in infants.

For more information about the Indigenous Family Support team and what they have to offer please contact:

Brianna Julien
Indigenous Family Support Worker - Kirkland Lake


Darlene Skani
Indigenous Family Support Worker - New Liskeard


Nurturing the Seed

A Developmental Support Planning Model for working with Indigenous infants, children and families creates a platform to recognize these differing worldviews and share valuable cultural knowledge specifically relating to infant mental health. It also recognizes the diversity amongst Indigenous peoples across Canada and is by no means a complete description of all child and family approaches practiced by Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is meant to serve as a starting point for engaging with and working with Indigenous families towards developing respectful and effective Developmental Support Plans for Indigenous infants and children.

For more information about this program and its applicability please contact:

Lisa Sloan
Childcare Manager