Mino M’shki-ki Health

Mino M’shki-ki Indigenous Health Team provides Inter-professional team based Primary Health Care. We are committed to providing members with “Culture-as-Healing”. This commitment is guided by our Indigenous values, our ancestry, our connection to the land, and the Seven Grandfather Teachings and other traditional teachings that reflect our diversity. The care we provide is inclusive and determined by the people we serve.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Traditional/Cultural Programming

  • Traditional Teaching

  • Traditional Ceremonies

  • Primary Care

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Diabetic Support

  • Breast Feeding Support

  • Minor procedures

  • Immunizations

  • Prenatal, Postnatal and Well Baby

  • Cancer Screening

  • Blood work (Phlebotomy)

  • Dietitian

  • Foot Care


About the program

Our Primary Health Care programs and services are delivered in accordance with the following five pillars:

Person Driven Care

Care is culturally safe, and member driven. Members will self determine their own safe appropriate, informed care that is relationship based with an orientation to the whole person.

Comprehensive Care

Care providers partner with the members to address their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs throughout their health and wellness journey. Care plans are tailored to meet the member expectations and goals, offering options that integrate Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of healing.

Coordinated Care

Coordinating culturally safe care from birth to end of life through the provision of Indigenous and non-Indigenous health services and supports.

Equitable Services

Members will have access to high quality, culturally appropriate wholistic care in a timely manner that is free of discrimination.


Care is governed by the Indigenous community. We are accountable to the people and communities we serve.


Our programs and services are delivered using the following approaches:

Client-based activities: Using culture-as-healing approach to promote the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and their families by providing preventative, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care. This care includes traditional healing practices, primary care, as well as mental health and community-based support.

Land-based activities: Promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing by connecting individuals, their families, and the community to the healing properties of the land.

Community-based activities: Using a culture-as-healing approach to promote the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the community by providing group programing that reflects local traditions and teachings, as well as addresses locally determined needs and priorities.

Networking activities: Collaborating with local Indigenous and non-Indigenous health care providers and social services to ensure seamless systems of support for our members. Helping to ensure Indigenous people have access to safer care by promoting systemic organizational change with the goal of eliminating racism in the local health care system.


If you or someone you know would benefit from Mino M’shki-ki health services, please contact:

Susan Alton
Health Director, NL & KL


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