Shepherdson Road New Liskeard Daycare

Our daycare program at Shepherdson Road in New Liskeard offers fully licensed, family-oriented childcare with qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) and emphasizes a traditional way of learning through intergenerational grouping.


About the Program

Our daycare program at Shepherdson Road in New Liskeard offers fully licensed, family-oriented childcare and hire qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) that offer quality childcare with the support of Early Childhood Educator Assistants. This center offers two Family Group Settings, with children from 18 months old to 12 years of age together in groups of up to 15 children.

This family grouping allows children of different ages, whether from the same family, to be in the same group, and in the same play activity room. Through intergenerational grouping, the older children will work with the younger, sharing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This develops a strong sense of autonomy within the children and is the traditional way of Indigenous people.

Through on-the-land learning, the children explore, connect and bond with the natural environment around them with guidance from our Wisdom Keepers and educators. The land becomes the third teacher and the indoors become an extension of our outdoor adventures. This principle helps children to grow their connection to the natural world and the beings of creation while in an environment that fosters a rich dynamic and endless opportunity.


This daycare centre is located within Temiskaming Hospital at 421 Shepherdson Road., New Liskeard, ON.

Hours of operation:
Regular daily hours, 7AM-6PM. 
We do offer extended hours including early arrival at 6:30AM and the late closure of 9PM when there is a need.

Childcare Supervisor: 
Larissa Ouimet
 ext. 3140

Eligibility and Pricing

  • Infant:

    Birth to 17 months
    $47 per day

  • Toddler:

    18 months to 29 months
    $39 per day

  • Preschool:

    2 ½ years to 5 years
    $36 per day

  • School-age:

    5 years – 12 years
    Full Day (PD days, Snow days, Summer care): $34 per day
    Before School: $13 per day
    After School: $15 per day
    Before and After School: $21 per day

Early Learning School Readiness Program:

  • 3 years and going to school in the fall
  • Free program
  • School visits

This program is offered for children registered to go to school and is intended for children who will be attending school the following September. This program fosters learning such skills as self-regulation and problem solving— skills that are essential for the growth needed to prepare them for school.

This program is offered from September to June and is free to the community.


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Keepers of the Circle Parent Handbook:
On the Land Learning

Keepers of the Circle Aboriginal Family Learning Centre Child Care Facility offers a strong and vibrant environment for Native families and the community. They do this by supporting the balance in each other and the world around them, according to the teachings of the medicine wheel.

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